How we’re helping the UK feel 50,000 years younger

Our ambitious programme to improve the health age of the nation


24 July 2018

The wellbeing of our employees has always been of huge importance to us. But as with everything, we asked ourselves “What more can we do? How might we take this further?”

The answer was to extend our concern beyond the workplace to the wider lives of our staff. And beyond that, to engage and support the employees of our corporate clients.

We’re inviting some of the UK’s most forward-thinking companies to join us on a programme we’ve set up, called 50,000 Years Younger Together, with each company pledging their contribution to help us reach the target.

A health risk impairs our energy, creativity and sharpness that is our productivity.

Dr Chris Tomkins, Chief Operating Officer, Proactive Health at AXA Health

The aim is to work with them to address the major health issues impacting the nation, including:

62% of UK adults are currently overweight or obese; more than three times the figure 30 years ago. (Office for National Statistics, 2014)
High blood pressure
Experienced by a third of men between 45 and 54, and half the male population between 55 and 64. (The Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2013)
Mental health
Since 2009, there’s been a 24% increase in working days lost to stress, depression and anxiety. (Department of Health, 2014)
Back pain
This accounts for 12.5% of all sickness absence days. (The Work Foundation Report 2012)

Our deliberately ambitious goal is to improve the health age of the UK by 50,000 years by 2020. Within AXA alone, we’re committed to reducing the health age of our employees by 2,000 years over the same period.

Participants can measure their health age and track their progress using our Health Age Calculator which analyses fitness levels, lifestyle, mindset and nutritional habits to come up with the crucial figure.

We also offer all the information, support and inspiration employees need to take control of their health and feel both fitter and younger.

In addition, our ‘Be Supported’ service – available 24/7 – provides free and confidential support on sensitive personal issues.