• Little things mean a lot: our new advertising campaign

    We believe that when our customers need us, the little things we do to help can sometimes make the biggest difference. And that’s why – as well as getting the big things right – we’re always looking for small but significant ways to improve our products and our services too. Like AXA PPP healthcare’s Fast Track Appointment Booking, for example. It could help to get you in front of the right specialist, fast, if illness were to strike. And our jewellery replacement from AXA Home Insurance means that if your jewellery is stolen and we can’t find you a suitable replacement, we could work with you to make a copy^. Or our tailored Business Insurance which allows you to only choose the cover that suits you – meaning you only pay for what you need.  

    Our new advertising campaign is about these little things. Or to quote from our campaign’s theme song, it’s simply about our belief that little things mean a lot.


  • Watch our latest TV ad 

    If jewellery you love is stolen, the loss can be devastating. So if we can't replace it, we'll work with you to make a copy^. Little things mean a lot with AXA home insurance.

    Watch our TV advert, which tells the story of a young couple's trip to Brighton, a break-in at home, and how AXA helps make things better.


  • ^Service does not apply if a replacement item is available. Valuables lost or damaged may not be covered. Policy limits and exclusions apply.