• There’s a lot more to AXA than you might think. Find out about all the things we’re doing to help us become the company you can trust.

    Our company

    We’re one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, and we’ve been helping people for almost 300 years.
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    Driverless cars

    Find out about the driverless car projects we are involved in.
    Driverless cars


    Public affairs

    At AXA UK we’re regular contributors to public policy debates on issues relevant to our business.

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    Corporate responsibility

    We support local communities and national initiatives, and strive to lower our impact on the environment.
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    The AXA brand

    Find out what we stand for and the guiding principles that help us deliver a better service to you.
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    Important information

    Reports and statutory returns with key financial and other information about our businesses in the UK.
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