• Our ambition is to become the preferred company in our industry. To achieve this we work towards our global vision of ‘redefining standards’.

    To support our ambition and vision we have developed a brand position:

    AXA - The Financial Protection Company that continuously proves it is worth trusting.

    What this means

    In simple terms, we must prove to you, our customers, that you can trust us to deliver for you at every stage.

    Our commitment to achieving that is reflected in these three attitudes that define the way we deal with all our customers:

    • Available – we’re there when you need us and we listen to you, truly
    • Reliable – we say what we do and do what we say, we deliver and keep you informed, so you can trust us
    • Attentive – we treat you with empathy and consideration, look after your best interests and reward your loyalty
  • Advertising campaigns

  • Little Things Mean a Lot

    On October 13 2013, we launched our new advertising campaign: Little Things Mean a lot.

    We believe that when our customers need us, the little things we do to help can sometimes make the biggest difference. And that’s why – as well as getting the big things right – we’re always looking for small but significant ways to improve our products and our services too. Like AXA PPP healthcare’s Fast Track Appointment Booking, for example. It could help to get you in front of the right specialist, fast, if illness were to strike. And our jewellery replacement from AXA Home Insurance means that if your jewellery is stolen and we can’t find you a suitable replacement, we could work with you to make a copy^. Or our tailored Business Insurance which allows you to only choose the cover that suits you – meaning you only pay for what you need.

    Our new advertising campaign is about these little things. Or to quote from our campaign’s theme song, it’s simply about our belief that little things mean a lot.

    Watch our latest TV ad

    If jewellery you love is stolen, the loss can be devastating. So if we can't replace it, we'll work with you to make a copy^. Little things mean a lot with AXA home insurance.

    Watch our TV advert, which tells the story of a young couple's trip to Brighton, a break-in at home, and how AXA helps make things better.

    ^Service does not apply if a replacement item is available. Valuables lost or damaged may not be covered. Policy limits and exclusions apply.


  •  Little Big Things - AXA Self Investor

    On March 7 2013 AXA UK launched the next phase of the “little big things” brand campaign.

    The latest campaign in the series highlights the little things our AXA Wealth Self Investor team do to make a difference to people who are considering investing in a “stocks and shares ISA” without paying for financial advice. Like the Health campaign which launched in October 2012 which focused on the service our Dedicated Cancer Nurses provide, this work will feature the people from our Wealth business who are delivering a range of “little big things” for our customers:

    • We’re waiving our monthly service charge for all new investors in 2013.
    • We are giving customers up to 50% off annual fund management charges.
    • With “Cash Park” customers can park their money before the ISA deadline and you can choose where to invest later.
    • Our investment experts have done the hard work for our customers – they can choose from around 170 of the leading funds or from our 6 multi-asset funds, expertly created to match a range of attitudes to risk.
    • Customers can chat to us online, or on the phone, and they will always get straight through to a real person, here in the UK.

    The campaign is designed to raise awareness of our product in the consumer marketplace and to drive prospects to register as potential customers on our website. This campaign is more direct in its messaging than the Health work. We recognize this is a much more rational purchase and that it is extremely difficult to compete in a value driven marketplace. Across the campaign period, consumers can see our AXA Self Investor experts, Naomi, Caroline, Colin and Nathan, whose testimonials they can read more about in the press and on media and social websites as we increase our online presence.

     Little Big Things - AXA PPP healthcare

    On the 8th of October 2012, we launched a new brand campaign that highlights the “little big things” our Dedicated Cancer Nurses do to make a difference to people suffering from cancer; care services that complement medicine and make a big difference to our patients.

    By illustrating some of the “little big things” we do to enrich our customer’s experience, we continue to bring ‘Redefining Standards’ to life and give it personality. This campaign gives us the opportunity to shine a light on real stories, told by real people, our nurses, in our healthcare business. It will run for 6 weeks, and appear across TV, digital, print and social channels; and provides platforms which will allow people to fully engage, share and comment on the campaign and share their “little big thing”.

    Throughout the campaign period, people will hear about “the little big things” our Nurses do to support our members, and will be prompted to visit our cancer centre to understand in full detail how this has worked. The campaign aims to generate awareness of the full breadth of service and care which AXA PPP healthcare offer our members. They not only hear from our nurses, but can learn about a range of specialists our members could get access to during their treatment too.

    We will also be working in partnership with Cancer Research and Channel 4, supporting a their new initiative called ‘Stand Up To Cancer’, a mass media event that culminates in a live, four-hour TV show on the 19th of October aimed at raising funds for transformational research that will bring treatment from laboratories to patients as quickly as possible.