Sharing makes us stronger

When times are difficult, sometimes we all need to talk.

Life can get on top of all of us. It could be that overwhelming pressure to perform. Or sometimes the world just feels like a big and lonely place. When times get difficult, it’s good to talk and share how you’re feeling.

Our counsellors take thousands of calls every year from our healthcare, home, motor and business insurance customers when they need support.

We aim to improve the lives of our customers, our staff and the rest of society.

Meet Sophie, Aiysha, Ruban and Marvyn

It’s the stories of real people that have inspired us, to encourage others to share

Sophie's story

Sophie Bradley-Aukland isn’t just the captain of Liverpool Women FC, she’s a mum, care worker, club ambassador and role model. But her journey hasn’t always been a smooth one. Back in 2014, Sophie suffered a potentially career ending knee injury that took its toll on and off the pitch. Watch Sophie’s inspiring comeback story and see how opening up and speaking to those closest can help build mental resilience and get you back in the game.

Sophie’s not alone. Watch more stories like hers and see how sharing has helped Aiysha, Ruban and Marvyn.

Are you struggling at the moment?

Help and support is available right now if you need it. You don’t have to struggle with difficult feelings alone. No matter the time or day, these helplines are there to get you through those difficult moments:


116 123.


Call 0300 123 3393
or text 8648.


Call 111. If the issue involves an immediate threat to life, then call 999.

Helping people to share

See how looking out for each other can make a real difference in this powerful documentary looking at breaking the silence around male suicide.

Helping our customers to share

Our counsellors answer thousands of calls every year from customers who need to talk, because we put our customers’ mental health first.

Helping our team to share

AXA’s Karen Robson talks to Julia Bradbury on Talk Radio about our Mental Health First Aid initiative, one of the many things we’re doing to help everyone bring their best self to work every day.

Helping society to share

One in eight 5 to 19 year olds have a mental health disorder, but there may be many more. That’s why we’re working with the Liverpool Football Club Foundation to train Youth Mental Health First Aid Champions.

A Psychologist’s view: how to stay mentally fit when running a business

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