Disabled senior man being pushed in his wheelchair by a woman
Carers at AXA


28 January 2024

Caring for others whilst working can be challenging. Hear from those who do amazing work looking after others whilst holding down jobs at AXA and how the Carers@AXA network supports them.

Colleagues standing in a small group discussing something. One of the women is holding documents and gesturing with her hands as the others watch and listen.
Women in Finance Charter


15 December 2023

We’re working hard to create a fair and inclusive culture where women can thrive and pursue the career they want. Take a look at the new initiatives we’ve introduced.

Senior mother and daughter drinking coffee together at home
Empowering women to thrive at work


8 March 2023

We want all of our employees to feel supported so they can reach their full potential. That’s why we’ve launched a number of polices and we’re committed to creating a diverse culture.

Man with child on his lap using a laptop computer
Diversity is what makes us great


23 November 2022

These values are absolutely integral to everything we do.

Head shot of Ken Kittoe, AXA Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Diversity, dancefloors and never walking alone: an interview with AXA D&I Manager Ken Kittoe


21 October 2022

We sat down with Liverpool megafan Ken Kittoe to talk about his journey, his vision for the future of diversity and inclusion (D&I), and his love for Liverpool Football Club.

Middle aged woman with short hair and glasses wearing an orange jumper using her laptop while in a coffee shop
Let’s talk about menopause


18 October 2022

We’re proud to share we’re an accredited Menopause Friendly Employer. Take a look at how we’re supporting our people at every life stage.

A man on phone at home
Celebrating Dementia Action Week

Chris Maguire in


18 May 2022

It’s Dementia Action Week and we’re celebrating our people who have become Dementia Friends, through our charity partnership with Alzheimer’s Society.

Modern mature woman with glasses wearing grey turtle neck top using laptop at home
"I’ve always worked for organisations I have a strong affinity with"

Anna Matty in

Women in Transformation

3 March 2022

AXA Health’s Chief Operating Officer, Anna Matty explains why people experience is just as important as customer experience, the importance of role models when it comes to encouraging innovation and how she’s empowered to change healthcare for the better.

Mature woman using laptop on table at home
"Leave the superwoman mentality behind, it’s not sustainable"

Shali Vasudeva in

Women in Transformation

25 February 2022

AXA UK&I’s Chief Operating Officer, Shali Vasudeva, talks about the diversity of her role, why she’s always felt comfortable at AXA, plus her tips for a good work life balance.

Woman holding a cup and laughing with her colleague
“It’s not about hours, but about output”

Anna Fleming in

Women in Transformation

22 February 2022

AXA UK Insurance Retail’s Chief Operating Officer Anna Fleming tells us why she’s inspired by the talented women around her, what makes AXA UK different to other insurers and why it is important to be curious and seek new opportunities.

Two businesswomen talking in the office
“The insurance industry is at the start of a new transformation journey”

Sam Bagnall in

Women in Transformation

10 February 2022

Sam Bagnall, Commercial Transformation Director, AXA UK, talks to us about spinning plates, the importance of bringing a team together to collaborate, and what motivates her.

Happy multi-ethnic people discussing in meeting at creative office
Building the future through apprenticeships


7 February 2022

We recognise the many benefits that apprenticeships bring, not only for our people who take part, but our business and the wider economy too. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we spoke to some of our apprentices to see how they’re getting on.