What does AXA have in common with a small business?

We celebrate the drive and spirit of the smaller enterprises we protect


24 July 2018

The constant drive to move forwards.

Going to work every day with the determination to keep doing better and to make a difference.

We can really identify with the restless spirit and can-do attitude which power small businesses.

More than that, we’re inspired by small businesses – which is why we celebrate their endless enterprise with our Business Guardian Angel resource.

We know business owners can struggle with finding reliable information at their fingertips for the world at their feet. That’s why we created Business Guardian Angel – a reliable source of help and advice for entrepreneurs as well as case studies which impress and inspire in equal measure.

“If you’re adaptable and treat your customers well, you’ll be able to build a business that survives the test of time.”

Chris Stephens, W. Stephens & Sons

Like the case of plumbing business W. Stephens & Sons, for example.

Started by Walter Stephens in 1945, the company is now run by his grandson Chris. He’s taken on the family legacy and is now developing it by taking on and training young apprentices.

His ambition is to keep the business thriving beyond its centenary in 2045, with his own son working alongside him.

The story of Suzi Wong of Grey Rose Architects is just as inspiring.

“My teacher said it was a boy’s job. I’d love her to see my client list now.”

Suzi Wong, Grey Rose Architects

Suzi decided to become an architect at the age of 7 and never wavered from that dream, even when others expressed scepticism.

Today, she’s one of the 26% of architects in the UK who are women – and she’s passionate about encouraging more women to join the profession and raise that percentage.

In her view, offering something different is definitely an advantage in business:

"I see my gender as a differentiator, not a weakness. That’s what Grey Rose is all about. To challenge the industry norms."

We’re proud to promote such dynamic businesses as well as protect them, and we strongly encourage you to read the full interviews with Chris and Suzi on Business Guardian Angel.

Whether the business you work for is large or small, we think their spark will ignite a fire in you.