Hiking ah Hohes Venn at Hautes Fagnes through bug on path or trail or in the nature reserve in the summer
Supporting science for a better future


14 August 2023

Discover the crucial role science plays in helping us to understand current concerns and how we can create a safer tomorrow.

Two teenagers sat joking with one another
Working with Business in the Community to support youth mental health


15 August 2022

We’re working with BITC to support local communities and as part of the AXA Head Coaches programme, we’re helping community youth leaders spot potential mental health issues amongst young people.

Group of colleagues of different ethnicities sat talking to one another
Helping build stronger communities with BITC in the organisation’s 40th year


29 June 2022

As a founding member of Business in the Community, our partnership moves to the next stage to help grow the responsible business movement even further and continue to build stronger, healthier and inclusive futures for all.

A high school student taking a break with smile in school
Supporting youth mental health with Teach First


9 May 2022

We’re supporting youth mental health by training teachers to spot the signs and triggers of ill mental health. English Teacher Lucy explains how it works.

Woman wearing hi-vis jacket and hard hat holding phone and highlighter pen surrounded by cardboard boxes
Working with businesses and communities to support the cause


25 March 2021

We’ve partnered with Business in the Community to match communities in need with and businesses that can provide support.

Liverpool Football Club community coach running a session with children
Helping society to share


17 September 2019

It’s time we all started talking to each other more. Spread the word.

Dementia sufferer Anne sat on Motiview bicycle with care worker Zoe by her side
Beating dementia: the bike tech that gives a new lease of life


28 June 2019

Virtual cycle tours of much loved places – or explorations of new ones – boost health and start conversations.

Apartments on street
How should we build Britain’s future homes?

Surveys and reports

20 June 2019

AXA has partnered with the think-tank Demos to understand how to tackle the UK housing crisis not just by building more homes, but by building homes suitable for future communities.

Two ladies from The Bluetits Open Water Swimmers in the sea off the Pemrokeshire coast
Meet the Bluetits


27 May 2019

Find out how Sian and Sam have improved each other’s wellbeing, through the unlikely pursuit of cold water swimming!

Man with Parinkson's wearing shoes with laser gadget attached for guidance
A step forward for Parkinson’s

Ally Farrell in


1 March 2019

The Path Finder is an innovative technology that provides visual cues to help people with Parkinson’s, or an unsteady and irregular gait, walk with more confidence.

The 71 year old athlete


11 January 2019

Meet one of the UK's leading and record-holding veteran athletes

Future of ageing
The Future of Ageing


20 December 2018

We’re co-creating a world where people age better and live longer, more fulfilling lives, by researching and supporting innovation around the ageing process.